• You can fry everything.  Everything?  :-) All)

    You can fry everything. Everything? :-) All)

    If the "child" to take off, then you are much from the budget from, one has nevertheless much in duplicate and triplicate. Or devices are a long time in the home and are not used. And I really wanted to separate from the fryer located in ou

  • Quackys office coffee machine

    Quackys office coffee machine

    Dear readers and dear readers, I would like to talk about a product that we use for more than 8 years to work. Product Severin KA 9209 Reference location and price We have the product bought and paid for in Kaufland € 29.99 for 2007. Manufacturer par

  • Only "superficial hair cosmetics" or something more?

    Only "superficial hair cosmetics" or something more?

    Welcome Mausi Mouse Mouse Through my testing addiction, due to my activity "Ciao.de" I have a dozen of opened shampoos in the shower. But what was left to tilt, were the conditioner. If I do not use after washing my hair are difficult to co

  • A great helper for those who want to have it clean

    A great helper for those who want to have it clean

    Today I got the iRobot Roomba 880 vacuum cleaning robot, super happy I unpacked it and tried the same, and I must really say that I'm thrilled meeeega !!! All by itself it makes everything super dust and crumbs free. omits no cm from the floor, and f

  • No. 30 -. Soft Porcelain - goes well!

    No. 30 -. Soft Porcelain - goes well!

    Manhattan looked on his FB page to testers for the new makeup, and after my first attempt with Manhattan went into his pants (the color does not fit), I am positively surprised by the current product. General The makeup is not yet available on the we

  • Fireworks in the mouth

    Fireworks in the mouth

    ############################################ Milka Choco Jelly ############################################ Place of purchase / selling price Bought was the Milka chocolate in Rewe. Normal costs the board with 250 grams 2,45 Euro. But since all Milka

  • Salzburger Sinfonie

    Salzburger Sinfonie

    Dear Readers, Today I want to talk about something that I had bought at the net, because me the variety had been interested for contained pistachios, and I wanted to test this. This is the yogurt from the company Müller Corner de Luxe Salzburger Sinf

  • Maybe soon with pink sprinkles?

    Maybe soon with pink sprinkles?

    The beginning of 2013 they were in all stores for a long time the Swedes ausverkauft- bombs. Niemetz got thousands loyal customer support so that the family does not go bankrupt. When they were finally have back at Mercury, of course I wanted to do m

  • Very great book!

    Very great book!

    I bought the book because the author of the lecturers at the University of Cooperative Education Stuttgart, whose lectures I attended is. There is a good overview of various topics of economics, especially for someone like me who had never anything t

  • Macchiato Tassimo Latte

    Macchiato Tassimo Latte

    Hello everyone Today I write about Tassimo Latte Macchiato At Christmas I got a Tassimo by Bosch. I had very happy about it but when I saw the price of capsules passed me the joy quickly when the capsules are not available, they often cost 4.99 euros

  • My little spaghetti-pot

    My little spaghetti-pot

    Quite frankly I cook much better in quality pots because simply pays in this respect quality, or as the saying goes. Unfortunately, times are now quality pots not have come cheap, so the WMF Fleischtopf costs nearly 80 euros to cover with a diameter

  • Indy is back

    Indy is back

    The PC game Lego Indiana Jones 2 contains all the films. The last film (of Doom) is divided into three parts. It is very versatile, as I will explain in more detail during the same game. The FSC seal releases the game from 12, which in my opinion but

  • Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP!  !  !  !  !  !  !  !  !  !  !  !  !  !  !  !  !  !

    Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    == Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP == "" Look, "" Each course Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP appearance anderst (colors) is desing but is always the same. "" BUTTON: "" There are A and B, and the acquaintance arrow

  • Runs away

    Runs away

    With Zalando we now have often ordered what, as a rule only shoes or even a piece of clothing, a bag was at it. Just by chance I'm there on the Lavera Long Lash Mascara / / _ / _ / _ / _ / _ / _ / _ / _ / _ / _ / _ / _ / _ / encountered and she had o

  • For plumage

    For plumage

    Also this report I have already posted about 2 years ago on a different platform, there is the shampoo still in this form to buy. :-) Unfortunately) I asked once, when I spoke to a clerk if she could help me in a health food store, actually, what she

  • Water pills or maybe asparagus and parsley?

    Water pills or maybe asparagus and parsley?

    At a young age makes you many stupidities. Fit the trousers not before clubbing we swallowed water pills - what a stupidity. Especially since it still made an end to all the fun niece, because most of the time we spent on the toilet. When my mother o

  • An instruction

    An instruction

    Years ago, about ten I bought a seven-volume edition Plato, containing all works recognized by the research as genuine this thinker, along with even more dubious and now unequivocally regarded as spurious writings. They are arranged on the basis of t

  • Kitsch and witches for kiddies, where 9 euros are not too much

    Kitsch and witches for kiddies, where 9 euros are not too much

    General: As already mentioned (in my other reports to books by Lisa J. Smith, previously published as LJ Smith) Lisa J. Smith is not a novelist for adults, but for "young adults" .The target groups are especially romantically inclined girls

  • For me, my crime highlight of the year!

    For me, my crime highlight of the year!

    Author: Nele Neuhaus Title: Snow White must die Original title: - Published: June 11, 2010 Publisher: List ISBN10: 3548609821 ISBN13: 978-3548609829 Number of pages: 537 *** Autorenportrait *** Nele Neuhaus, born in 1967 in Münster / Westphalia, has

  • Lips hui, taste Pooh

    Lips hui, taste Pooh

    Hello dear readers, today I finally managed to sign me on this online platform and after countless reports read to write yourself a. Who finds spelling mistakes may keep them ;-) So now it comes to the "Blistex Lip Massage". I bought him. D