• Quackys new Jacobs moment

    Quackys new Jacobs moment

    Dear readers and dear readers, I would like to talk about a product that I tested. We have a Nespresso machine and therefore test from time to time like to new specialty coffees. Product Jacobs moments Lungo Fondo Manufacturer Mondelez GERMANY SERVIC

  • fast regulation and nice fKontakt

    fast regulation and nice fKontakt

    Pro: Fast problemsose claims processing, very nice contact, easily accessible, great value for money Cons: so far nothing I can only recommend every dog ​​owner Agila :-) Our previous Berner was both sick and we had to take both OP versichert.Leider

  • An all round very good camera!

    An all round very good camera!

    The Samsung NX30 is a good choice for beginners as well as professionals. The many automatic modes of the camera work very well and help beginners to shoot extremely good and high-quality images and alike, the camera offers all the settings you get f

  • Oh that's cute but

    Oh that's cute but

    Hi all. In mid-March we have a small test package obtained with a very fragrant contents. We had been through some time ago in a product test and registered us and were also drawn and a test object we got 1 package 3 of Duschdas deodorants. Even smal

  • The heir, who saw no reason to get married ....

    The heir, who saw no reason to get married ....

    Good people! Finally I find once again to write an article time. The last weeks have been exhausting, professional, and sometimes very intense - then will not get you as to how you want. Also - great innovation - I went with the Kindle reader. Now wi

  • Becel Gold - an alternative

    Becel Gold - an alternative

    About the Portal Test pioneers I got the opportunity "Becel Gold" test. This is a margarine which is delicious taste of butter, but this is healthier. It is versatile to use (cooking, baking, as a spread and so on), is rich in polyunsaturat

  • Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream

    Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream

    About the day care I have already reported, and then today I want to tell also about the product for the night. Florena Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream _____________________________________________Wie Already the day care is also the cream in a crucible

  • °° DA Something missing °°

    °° DA Something missing °°

    *** *** Preliminaries I love berry jam and would now like to talk about one that we recently tested you: °° SCHWARTAU VELVET Waldfrucht °° *** DESCRIPTION *** Without seeds, without pieces. Creamy fine usufruct, in his croissant you can even dip. Bes

  • Have LED spots installed in the dining room'm very satisfied

    Have LED spots installed in the dining room'm very satisfied

    Have natural white light ordered Goldrand LED Spot Lamp (12V) and was surprised that everything went so smoothly. The spots are very good quality and also look chic, have four LED spots (gu5.3 4W 360lm 6000-6500K good Lichtausbeute.Ist a pleasant lig

  • Good entry-level smartphone with some little power

    Good entry-level smartphone with some little power

    Today I'd like to get rid of a few lines to my current smartphone, the LG Optimus L7 P700. Anticipation - it's good for beginners and at this price point quite punchy. The technical equipment I can save at this point, that's all in the product descri

  • Fantastically, female fragrance

    Fantastically, female fragrance

    About for me I was with 3999 other testers the new fragrance from Lacoste "Eau de Lacoste" test before the launch. Perfume slogan: "He makes the refreshingly cool feeling of pure, white cotton on the skin." "EAU DE LACOSTE ex

  • My favorite now with me!

    My favorite now with me!

    Hello readers, There is always several days presents. Yesterday was my mother, and has what we got there can spotlight our eyes. Digital photo album on your keyring of Somikon Long before Christmas we flirted with a digital photo album, but just a bi

  • Super razor - the need "man"!

    Super razor - the need "man"!

    Under a trnd.com-test I had the opportunity to test the 5090CC extensively. As results of the test, I can give the device a "highly recommended"! The facts: Style: Brown has really made an effort to bring the razor already visually in the s

  • == A pleasant mix!  ==

    == A pleasant mix! ==

    The one time or another, we certainly like to buy peanuts and all the unhealthy stuff. Sometimes we live then but - and here one can certainly see only in comparison - even a little healthier. In this case, the speech of students feed should now be,

  • :: FAMOUS GIRL ::

    :: FAMOUS GIRL ::

    ------------------------------------------ FAMOUS GIRL MEL Merio ------------------------------------------ Shortly before my trip to the Oktoberfest of course I was shopping again. I was then times at Rossmann replenish my Minaudiere and remained on

  • The Hardy Boys: The Hidden Theft!

    The Hardy Boys: The Hidden Theft!

    In this report, I would like today to you about the Nintendo Wii Game: The Hidden Theft report of XPEC Entertainment: The Hardy Boys. This is a detective adventure and a nice job in between. Exactly how it works, what I myself think about this game,

  • I was deliberately misleading in Maxxim

    I was deliberately misleading in Maxxim

    On the portal of Maxxim best D network quality was advertised in Novemer 2012. So I have a prepaid card bestellt.und to transfer my mobile phone number. requested. Then I however get a prepaid card in the O2 network. On repeated requests to the hotli

  • JBL - thermometer and hygrometer in the set!

    JBL - thermometer and hygrometer in the set!

    Hello, Today I want to report a hygrometer and thermometer set for terrariums namely the: JBL TerraControl - thermometers and hygrometers __________________________ General __________________________ Manufacturer The set is by JBL, a manufacturer of

  • Recommended hard disk for reasonable price

    Recommended hard disk for reasonable price

    Initiation I bought an external hard drive here in Weimar in Saturn. She was pretty much the cheapest among the products offered there. The storage capacity is with me 1.5TB (real 1.36). The housing The housing is completely black. The side and rear

  • came up with the cow

    came up with the cow

    Hi, In my report today, it's about the Milka ChocoMoo cookies. I paid 1.99 euros for the packet of biscuits. I mainly bought it for my children, but after I tried it, I found it not so bad. For Täschen coffee correctly recommended. And now a few deta