• - Pesto - I like it!  ---

    - Pesto - I like it! ---

    Prehistory Already in the last week I have reported en pesto that I bought in real, brand TIP - the house brand. At that time I was seriously disappointed, but as soon as I let the head also does not depend, and therefore I have now tested a differen

  • Bosch TAS2002 Tassimo T20 Multi Drinks Machine

    Bosch TAS2002 Tassimo T20 Multi Drinks Machine

    As mentioned in the title, this system is ideal for the infrequent opportunity or coffee drinker and not an alternative for the average or even frequent drinkers. For frequent drinkers a device is recommended, which can be operated with beans or grou

  • Verschwafelt


    For a movie, for both Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep were nominated for an Oscar, but can actually go wrong, right? Or is it! While the two ladies had deserved the odd prize for her splendid verbal tour de force (by me from an Academy Award), for the

  • KitchenAid waffle irons - Heavy iron for thick waffles

    KitchenAid waffle irons - Heavy iron for thick waffles

    I am traveling a lot professionally, among other things often in the US and I just love this thick American breakfast waffles. I have long struggled with whether I should buy myself a waffle iron. Because let's face it, as often as you bake so no waf

  • One of the best "GTA"

    One of the best "GTA"

    Ever since "Grand Theft Auto 3" is the video game series by Rockstar Games a fixture that trumps now generates billions of revenues and even big Hollywood blockbusters in terms of profit. But not only on the big consoles attracts the range

  • From the hair dryer blown :-)

    From the hair dryer blown :-)

    A big hello to all readers and also readers, the "D221E" from Babyliss I use now for a year and now wants to write about my experiences. The hairdryer I use actually a day every time after the shower and thus. So far, I came up with this ha

  • NEW .. DM ... Balea power shower happiness spree!

    NEW .. DM ... Balea power shower happiness spree!

    Balea energy shower - lucky noise Purchase incentives I have read on several blogs that in August 2 is to give new shower gels of Balea, namely "lucky noise" and "respite". Last week I then DM a specimen "lucky noise" ta

  • "WhatsApp - I think is good"

    "WhatsApp - I think is good"

    Hallöle dear readers and Debisinc.comianer! °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° For the last almost a year and I am in the age of newfangled mobile phones, known technically as now or in the vernacular also smartphones, angekommen.Und then even t

  • Alarm on the pasture

    Alarm on the pasture

    We live here in the lowlands directly near the North Sea, have dike and water well enough. Nevertheless, or perhaps because of it, fascinated us the mountains. Again and again we like to go to the mountains to spend their holidays and the course is n

  • Good image quality with sufficient light

    Good image quality with sufficient light

    PRAKTICA DVC 10.1 HDMI Hi, In the following report I will briefly report 10.1 HDMI from my personal experience with the Praktica DVC. My reason for buying I opened a new Youtube channel and wanted of course, can supply as any Youtube user, the best p

  • Tartar (Sch) ade!

    Tartar (Sch) ade!

    At my last dental visit was to the dismay of my wife and children detects and removes a lot of tartar. It is not easy these stubborn Eliminate deposits with the simple toothbrush. Since kannste Roughing up bends the brush, without success. To muscle

  • Gaudy costume jewelry: Epoxy with Swarovski Crystal

    Gaudy costume jewelry: Epoxy with Swarovski Crystal

    Very conspicuous ring I've found at a new website for fashion jewelry. The manufacturer is unknown, the price (at least not a brand name on the packaging was) but very low. I was looking for an accessory that really stands out and the photos on the w

  • °°° between present and past °°°

    °°° between present and past °°°

    At last it has appeared, the new book by Sylvia felt, this time together with her ​​friend Sigrid Konopatzki as co-author. Without (m) an ice cream I say nothing! With 2010 published by Books of Demand, Norderstedt, ordered from Amazon under ISBN 978

  • Mhmmm ... more !!

    Mhmmm ... more !!

    Again and again Milka :) I just can not get enough of the wide range of varieties, and try all by. This time Noisette's turn, which landed at 0.49 euros in my shopping cart. * Appearance and Packaging * Everyone thinks when he hears "Milka"

  • 12 Paces without a Head - Do you know which head rolls ????

    12 Paces without a Head - Do you know which head rolls ????

    Report due to a preliminary Preview I myself was invited to a preliminary preview of the unfinished film "Twelve feet without the head" in early July 2009 in Hamburg. This Preview wanted to capture the audience's reaction and their opinion

  • Super horny LCD but high price

    Super horny LCD but high price

    I rate this LCD with excellent as me until now all like about him. Picture is fantastic, except for analog cable (comes to the reception to). No matter what I've tried with this unit, he took me everywhere pleasantly surprised (DVD, consoles like Wii

  • Premiere subscription

    Premiere subscription

    The program is repeated continuously. The Sustainer tete Reciever for 100 Euro funktiniert not correct and will not be replaced or repaired. Then the price I was raised by more than 10% without making me aware. So I did not agree and had terminated f

  • A single deep look and then ...

    A single deep look and then ...

    Felina Victoria Frances The postcard has a size of 25 x 20cm and cost me 2.49 euros. It is relatively stable. Although bendable but does not fall to or together when they are modeled somewhere. °°°°° The back °°°°° This time I'll start with the back

  • VAUDE Base Dome II

    VAUDE Base Dome II

    I use the Base Dome II by VAUDE and grab it on the bike. What convinced me so far is the simple design. One person alone can build in just 30 minutes the tent. Spacious inner tent and the two cabins offer enough space for 2 adults. Disadvantage: For

  • Bring variety to your diet

    Bring variety to your diet

    Buckwheat is a plant from the family of Polygonaceae and is a so-called pseudo or apparent grain. Buckwheat is thus not a true grain and not related to the wheat, therefore it can also tolerate wheat allergy sufferers or people who no gluten, celiac,