• Outside and inside cool summer party begins ...

    Outside and inside cool summer party begins ...

    SCHOTT ZWIESEL HOT &; COLD When Penny ka nn currently you collect loyalty points for glasses. Nothing interested me at first glance, because I'm more than well equipped with. The double wall glasses but then had piqued my interest, because I want

  • Without belt and braces ... !!!

    Without belt and braces ... !!!

    Why do you need such a part ...? When products VGP-AC19V39 is a power supply for notebook W and Z Series from Sony. It is also (from experience out) compatible with the Y series. Even if this is not explicitly mentioned in the product description. Th

  • Nicki Profissimo eyeglass cleaning cloths

    Nicki Profissimo eyeglass cleaning cloths

    Hello everyone !!! Since my son wears glasses for some time had also produces Brillenputztücher. As you know it from children, and my son is no exception, are somehow permanently fingerprints on the glasses. Is always been a mystery to me how he does

  • Illuminating


    I want to introduce you to the Essence Eye Sorbet in color 02 Illuminating Raspberry. It is new in the range and in addition to that color, there are three other colors. It includes 3G and it has, as I recall cost 2.75 euros. There is a pink, which s

  • With me are even penguins!

    With me are even penguins!

    Pingummi Trolli Hello, I would like to introduce you today once a new Nascherei by Trolli. At the moment I am absolutely hot on wine gum product and because I discovered something new in Edeka by Trolli, which I absolutely had to take. It is fruity w

  • Overall convincing again

    Overall convincing again

    PS: Unfortunately today worked formatting not, for some reason no bold was possible. Even when we bought the DM Pflegedusche NIVEA FREETIME for € 1.69. We were quite satisfied with the product, I write to you why. == == PACKAGING Typical NIVEA, the g

  • very good reader for low price

    very good reader for low price

    I have the Kindle ebook reader now for over a year now and am very happy with him. It can easily be a large number of books and other documents saved. Also PDF formats are not a problem. For example, lectures for the university. He is also extremely

  • Michi sees red: o)

    Michi sees red: o)

    I did not have coffee because I do not drink normal coffee. Very rarely a cappuccino but then ever Macchiato a bar. When I saw the machine at my aunt and even a latte macchiato drank because it had happened to me I had to have it .... This is about t

  • No Happy Feeling on the skin.

    No Happy Feeling on the skin.

    The reason to buy: I bathe and I always like to bathe with bath products, buy me for this reason usually this bag of powder, crystals, powder, oil, etc., since there are so many and the choice is wide. Of course I like most new things and so am I als



    My old clock was unfortunately defective, because it showed only any hieroglyphics on which no man in the world could interpret as time. So a new was needed! What should the new alarm clock but can? So I was pleased with Show time and awaken and so I

  • For the price very good.

    For the price very good.

    Last year, I had not yet had a surprise for Calendar Sohnemann. This was now already almost 11 months with us in the closet, I'm just glad that I had not forgotten him. That's kind of funny sometimes what I still find in the cupboard for years. Whene

  • Perfect city look?  Exactly.

    Perfect city look? Exactly.

    My purchase incentive I just wanted to try something new and then I just decided to use the eyeshadow Color Boulevard of p2 in color 080 Tokyo Nights. Price There is the eyeshadow in the colors 010 Paris in Love, 020 Rio Rocks, 030 Dreams of Sydney,

  • PHILIPS 'and TRNDs latest highlight: Low fat, but CROSSE French

    PHILIPS 'and TRNDs latest highlight: Low fat, but CROSSE French

    PHILIPS 'and TRNDs latest highlight: Low fat, but CROSSE fries: ============================================ ====== ======= Before away: ----------- TRND is a community that makes it possible to test products of various kinds for free and without obl

  • The dimed pinchers may strike again!

    The dimed pinchers may strike again!

    I have finally decided before Christmas to many comparing cash back programs for Yingiz. Decisive for me was the choice of partners, because there was Ebay, Amazon and even more large stores where I shop like. The page itself is constructed beautiful

  • The plumage was then still yellowish - and rougher than before

    The plumage was then still yellowish - and rougher than before

    Today I report on a shampoo, which I did not buy, but before long time quite a number Probesachets free at dm drogerie markt gradually gathered up. Because I somehow thought that would be something for my many existing light "yellow tinge"

  • Fantastic Chocolate Crunchy

    Fantastic Chocolate Crunchy

    * ~~~ What is this about? ~~~ * Here I would like another Fantasia yogurt from Danone imagine. This time it comes to the variety "Chocolate Crunchy". * ~~~ * ~~~ Manufacturers The manufacturer is Danone. This should be the meissten known th

  • Double invites better?

    Double invites better?

    Hello dear readers! At its present location, there are again a report on accessories for Nintendo Wii. Picked I have here the Thrustmaster T-Charge Duo + NW. If you've always wanted to know if we can use to save the batteries for the Wiimotes future

  • The fruity and fresh

    The fruity and fresh

    Hello everyone! The Dove Geschenkpackung still was a shower gel to the magnificent Deospray, this one gets individually in Schlecker and the shower gel costs on offer currently 1.69 Euro and the Deo Spray can be purchased in the offer for 2.19 euros,

  • Ratz Fatz ... pink or white?

    Ratz Fatz ... pink or white?

    Weekend is first and foremost also cleaning and the bathroom is must. The most unpleasant task here is probably in the toilet cleaning. Really clean I get our village rarely, at least to my high expectations. I guess I've been using increasingly aggr

  • My hands are again soft and fragrant!

    My hands are again soft and fragrant!

    Dear Readers, since my son is in the world are my hands constantly in the water, whether it be because I have to wash bottles, or because I have to, of course, frequently wash your hands because hygiene in such a small worm is indeed now time very im