• Warps unfortunately.

    Warps unfortunately.

    Hello, our Fabimax Zustellbettchen we needed, of course, a fitted sheet - this is also available from other manufacturers, and probably cheaper, but that was not worth the effort and ordered directly a bed sheet with it. The Fabimax fitted sheets are

  • T'schuldigung, fancy boxes ?!

    T'schuldigung, fancy boxes ?!

    More than 6 months ago, I discovered at the Edeka ... ... WENCO SAFEBOX 1.4 liters (no. 532 570). It is a plastic box that serves as the Aufbwahrung food. Meanwhile, I have five of these boxes. I use them for stylishly storing cereal. THE PRICE At Ed

  • Much mint, little apple

    Much mint, little apple

    I am a self-confessed tea drinkers and coffee objectors. One of the varieties that I bought lately, I would like to present in this report. It is the "mint-apple" of Messmer, according to the manufacturer a "herbal tea with mint and ap

  • Nicki Essence Good Girl Bad Girl Nail Polish

    Nicki Essence Good Girl Bad Girl Nail Polish

    Hello everyone !!! Some time ago I bought from the Essence LE the Good Girl Bad Girl nail polish. Decided I had to paint 06 once i was an angel. I found the name of the color nice and had what. The price The vial with 8 ml took me in Dm 1.55 euros. T

  • Foods well chilled

    Foods well chilled

    When I bought when I moved 3,5 years ago my new kitchen, I decided for a freestanding refrigerator. Of course, he should as well look the part and fit my kitchen, so that in addition to the quality of the optics was important. Manufacturer **********

  • Test Gillette ProGlide PowerFlex Ball

    Test Gillette ProGlide PowerFlex Ball

    Hello zuammen, I'm really fascinated by the Gillette Pro Glide Flexball. For the first time makes me shaving fun. He is barely audible and he nestles by the Flexball properly while shaving. Similarly, I can only positive reports about the 5 blades, r

  • Siegel fragrance

    Siegel fragrance

    == == Maroussia Eau De Toilette Key Features Product Type: Eau de Toilette MPN: D00248, 123259 EAN: 3357550500014; 3357550730015, 0556780019645, 3357550520012; 4203935085869; 4203935090887 Manufacturer: Maroussia, L'Oréal Gender: For Women Foreword I

  • Cleverly ironed!

    Cleverly ironed!

    The sexy Iron Bosch in the Rosso Edition makes quite a bit here at the mere sight. So I am really on the otherwise rather annoying iron pleased and was not disappointed. The tip of the iron is formed so that one really fnd in every corner in and also

  • Philips AZ330T Sound Machine

    Philips AZ330T Sound Machine

    Biggest advantage of the new AZ330T player are the many ways to connect external audio devices. Whether CD, CD-R / RW or self-burned MP3 CDs, the integrated CD drive plays each slice. The itinerary also includes a USB and a 3.5mm audio input availabl

  • nice soft hair

    nice soft hair

    '' 'Dear Ciao readers' '' Today I wanted you even imagine the Garnier Fructis Shampoo Prachtauffüller. I hope you can order what to do. Manufacturer: Garnier Paris, Karlsruhe, Vienna Content: 250 ml Ingredients: Aqua, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Coco-Bet

  • Sympathetic and honest

    Sympathetic and honest

    Informative, detailed and transparent reviews with pictures and some videos. Unlike most test portals here which products have been tested by the editors themselves. You write not only the partly fake reviews from the Netzt but test the products real

  • Doppelpack


    ~ * ~ * 0 Hello dear readers, readers and guest readers ~ * 0 * ~ In one of the 70 Louis stores that extend across Germany and Austria, also next to the hot and super comfortable jeans pants, scarves, shirts, sweaters and trendy t-shirts offered. Thi

  • A cupcake quite large

    A cupcake quite large

    Dr Oetger small sponge cakes As part of product testing in consumption goddesses I could test Dr Oetger small sponge cakes in the flavors lemon, marble and Schoklolade. Packing The cupcakes are per variety in a four-pack in the cupcakes are again ind

  • Used already 2 years and still top

    Used already 2 years and still top

    I own iPad since Christmas 2012, then s been in sales iPad 1, 2 and 3. iPad 3 we have chosen because if you compare the iPad 1 and the iPad 3, the speed increase is dramatic. Currently s are newer models, which makes iPad 3 a lot more affordable than

  • So selfishly I'm not

    So selfishly I'm not

    Hello everyone, today it should go to a book that a friend gave me. However, I must say straight away that I have not read it to the end. Why and why not, you can learn now in the report on this book ... >> Josef Kirschner - The art of being an

  • Very worth reading, a great insight to live with Tourette.

    Very worth reading, a great insight to live with Tourette.

    In the book 'Six million biscuits a year' by Jessica Thom is about the author herself. She has Tourette's syndrome, and brings the reader her life with these, what I would call 'disease', near. We learn to deal with Tourette and how outsiders react t

  • Ikea forced visit the second: A basket of clothespins.

    Ikea forced visit the second: A basket of clothespins.

    The Torkis basket: Usage. As reported some time ago, I had to pay a flea market hopping weekend (visit of as many such events on a weekend) in Freiburg in spring this year expensive. Namely with a visit to the local Ikea Fileale to which I had to acc

  • Skyrim a legendary game

    Skyrim a legendary game

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is like its predecessors, is always a special match. The game world in Skyrim is huge and it has a lengthy story, because among other things the three addons are already included. There are still significantly improve the

  • Bombenfest?


    Normally I use the Yes Taft Cashmere Touch hairspray. Unfortunately, there is not in travel size and I go so often gone only 2-3 days, when I leave my home. Since a large bottle would be a waste of space. So I came on my last visit to the DM Power ha

  • Simply rub out mistakes

    Simply rub out mistakes

    Hello, I have many of these pens for almost 2 years and want to report it today. About my favorite pen this brand I have already reported. Frixion Roller These pens come in many colors. I own them all. Standard colors are blue, black and red. There a