• Venice is a great city

    Venice is a great city

    Venezia 2015 Venice / Horst Haas Towards the end of the year I always get panic that I find no calendar for the coming year, which is absolutely not with me this year. I got a great calendar for test purposes provided. What's great course and some ca

  • What was the level again ... ???

    What was the level again ... ???

    In the same class, I had my child to this gift some time ago the book How to become a boss (in) from Germany ??? paid. Now it was time again to find a little surprise and I was pleasantly surprised when I heard from the book "What was that about

  • ... Effective mascara fright?  ...

    ... Effective mascara fright? ...

    * ~ * INTRODUCTORY We have recently a Rossmann locally. Clear I test me because the house product lines ... This product here I bought because I prefer waterproof mascara in the summer, which is notoriously difficult to remove. Otherwise I just use m

  • finally some chips without yeast extract or Geschmacksverst.

    finally some chips without yeast extract or Geschmacksverst.

    Weight: 110g Price: The new Naturals are available for about 1.79 Euro. Product packaging: Lorenz remains its packaging line here too loyal, so that you can see at first glance that they are naturals and at second glance it becomes clear that it is

  • The best Brown, I've ever had

    The best Brown, I've ever had

    I have tested the new Braun Series 5 5090cc. In derVergangenheit I have used for many Braun shaver and was always satisfied with the products. The new 5090cc has exceeded all my expectations. Purification of 5090cc is ingeniously simple and very hygi

  • More than just a DOTA clone!

    More than just a DOTA clone!

    This review is about the free game playable MOBA Leauge of Legends. He has become "a little" longer than it was planned, are but very much information for those interested. The points "Minimum System Requirements" and "What i

  • "The ergonomics makes it possible"

    "The ergonomics makes it possible"

    Even if the school age is back for some a very long time, so are writing utensils, in particular pencils, now and then but once again an issue. Personally, I can still remember very well that I have at school especially liked to draw with a pencil an

  • Saxony, where the beautiful women grow

    Saxony, where the beautiful women grow

    Today I want to introduce another book from my local library: , CULTURAL LANDSCAPE SACHSEN , Title: Cultural Landscape Saxony Authors: Heinrich Pleticha / Wolfgang Müller Price: Only available used (from about 2 euros.) Publication year: 2000 (1st ed

  • Terminals in non-ferrous

    Terminals in non-ferrous

    Dear Debisinc.com reader, Here again a report on a product from Ikea. My Closures Bevara. Price: 2.99 / 30 piece ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ More info: = Manufactu

  • Thus, it can be stick well

    Thus, it can be stick well

    Hello dear readers / inside, after me for many decorating ideas came to the upcoming Easter and I sometimes even began to tinker Easter baskets for the children brought me of not holding glue almost to despair. As I helped as always only one thing: m

  • Good map, not high end

    Good map, not high end

    This report deals with the Asus Xonar U3 Sound Card, which is a mobile sound card that plugs into the USB slot of your computer. The sound card is relatively small and does visually a very good impression. as an accessory for the 30 € expensive sound

  • My first Dampfbügelstation

    My first Dampfbügelstation

    This is my first review at Ciao. I was able to test the last two weeks the steam generator iron Philips Perfect Care GC9230 and have to say that there is a big difference already, if you're working with a good steam generator iron or with a normal st

  • LEDs is the light for our future.  >>> Important update

    LEDs is the light for our future. >>> Important update

    1495 I-Glow ® LED - bulbs Purchased at: Norma Walkenried For 499 cents Manufactured in PRC by H + H Germany Hartig + Heling GmbH + Co KG Wilhelm Leith Walk 81 44867 Bochum Phone: 0180 8855600 Preface: Even if we just spend our vacation in Bad Sachsa,

  • Holiday feeling for the face!  :-)

    Holiday feeling for the face! :-)

    Hello everyone! Recently I once again discovered a new face mask at the pharmacy that I had not tried. The curiosity was great, so I've made up as soon as possible and would like to introduce you to the mask in the subsequent report. °°°°°°°°°° The p



    THE PRODUCT Here is the product "GARNIER Hautklar 3in1 (cleansing, exfoliation, mask)". This "3in1 product" is intended to remove pimples and blackheads. In addition, the mask relaxes the skin and matted it. I bought this product

  • 30 days return policy - but not too often !!!

    30 days return policy - but not too often !!!

    I am since 1997 - at that time in England - actually quite satisfied customer of QVC. I left determined a pretty penny there! Now I had a Man Sang-ring, which has lost three times a pearl. Was also replaced each time without hesitation, the last time

  • Feiner Blush Powder

    Feiner Blush Powder

    This report I have already published some time ago on a different platform. I describe the Rouge in color 02 Accento. Manufacturer: www.hauschka.de Ingredients: Talc, magnesium stearate, extract of rose petals, jojoba oil, silk powder, silica, silica

  • Indestructible.  Universally applicable.

    Indestructible. Universally applicable.

    I love this Naschkätzchen. Meanwhile, I have 4 pieces of it. You can use it for everything. My husband takes it packed with about working with breads. In December I keep some of my cookies on it. In the refrigerator I use them. Larger pieces of chees

  • ~ There were fortunately only Peanuts ~

    ~ There were fortunately only Peanuts ~

    Good morning, good afternoon, good evening ... Greetings, no matter how late it is just for you! Here comes the next report on my part! Happy reading! ~ PRICE, PLACE OF PURCHASE AND THE MANUFACTURER ~ The Yung Haircare intensive care shampoo I bought

  • Good as always!

    Good as always!

    Wagner - Big Pizza Salami Paprika I am and remain a Wagner Big Pizza fan. Come what would! I tried as much as all Big pizzas, just the ham Diavolo yet. If me coming between his fingers again, then I try the even! The is always so hard to find. In my