• Chamomile - MY Allrount remedies >>>

    Chamomile - MY Allrount remedies >>>

    Good day, dear readers From an early age I learned to know the effectiveness of chamomile. To this day, I have remained true to this realization and have even learned quite a bit of knowledge. Chamomile must never lack in my household. Neither in the

  • WellaFlex


    Dear Readers, at this point it's about a hairspray of the brand Wella. --- WellaFlex hairspray perfume free --- Place of purchase and purchase price: I bought the hairspray in DM. There I paid 1.95 euros. The INHAT: 250 ml. The manufacturer: Procter

  • ZEWA EasyPull

    ZEWA EasyPull

    As part of a test for trnd.com I was allowed Last two Zewa EasyPull pleased paper dispenser. One black, one white. The Einsezten the role went smoothly, thanks to the illustrated manual (which should have a look before that). Also present was a black

  • Solid smartphone for just under 150 euros

    Solid smartphone for just under 150 euros

    A new smartphone is here, but it should not cost much. Possible? Of course! Virtually all major smartphone manufacturer - with the exception of Apple - now offer devices that cost around 200 euros and provide at least decent features. Even Sony annou

  • Beautiful consistency

    Beautiful consistency

    I had a sample of the make-up in a newspaper and wanted to imagine times :-) General Products of Luvos you get in health food stores and online. For 50 ml you pay EUR 14. Here is the product on the website: www.luvos.de/content.asp?lid=1&sdid=0

  • The Rhein-Main magazine - a very mysterious leaflets

    The Rhein-Main magazine - a very mysterious leaflets

    My next review is about the RHEINMAIN MAGAZINE! To make the conclusion right away: This magazine is very strange! Why is explained below: Information content =============== The RHEINMAIN MAGAZINE is a pure advertising booklet. There is nothing in it

  • Only a n500 g. Bag Without equal

    Only a n500 g. Bag Without equal

    2335 Bahlsen, unparalleled It is a bag with a crispy pastries with chocolate coating. Bahlsen GmbH & Co. KG Podbielskistraße 11 30163 Hannover Email: [email protected] Purchase reason: it laughed at us so. Sale price: 3,95 € for 500 g. In Bahlsen

  • Fancy a change in the shower ...

    Fancy a change in the shower ...

    Hi, a product test, I have become aware of the following shower gel. It sounds promising, after a good test here now my experience and opinion about: ~ Palmolive Thermal Spa Ocean Vitality ~ GENERAL The product description from the manufacturer: Disc

  • Catrice Part2: eyeshadows in cool shades

    Catrice Part2: eyeshadows in cool shades

    Hi, today it's all about an eyeshadow quad Catrice namely in the color scheme 040 "Never let me go!". It involves a neutral, nude colors. Purchased I bought the quad primarily on the go, I like colors in a different range (KatvanD Saint ran

  • Finally a fit in my ear

    Finally a fit in my ear

    Hello people! Today I present you once my headphones for mobile phones before ... Philips SHE3590WT ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Purchase ^^^^^^^^^^^^ I bought the headphones in Expert in Dillenburg about 1.5 years ago. I then paid € 14.9

  • ° ° ° ° CRISPY TREAT

    ° ° ° ° CRISPY TREAT

    *** *** Preliminaries I eat almost every morning muesli and not always healthy cereals. I like especially this unhealthy Crunchy muesli with nice lot of sugar. A Crunchy muesli I have now tested by Alnatura and this was so delicious that I do not wan

  • At least he always smiles at you: O)

    At least he always smiles at you: O)

    I have a new vacuum cleaner, a jovial and so tiny: O). You notice already, it is not about the big brother, the cylinder vacuum cleaner. As someone has come up with something that I personally quite useful. The small variation from the Numatic Henry

  • Pump It

    Pump It

    Product ebelin Cosmetics & more Wellness Nackellackentferner acetonfrei Manufacturer dm-drogerie markt, Carl-Metz-Straße 1, D-76185 Karlsruhe www.dm-drogeriemarkt.de Author's description Remove nail polish acetonfrei friendly & reliable bioti

  • Super Eyelash Curlers!

    Super Eyelash Curlers!

    Hello, Since this is my first report, please be considerate with the comments, thank you. =) So, I will report here on the ebelin Eyelash Curler. PRICE: I bought the product at DM for about 3 euros. I have been around for about 6 months, and I use it

  • Cream cheese with many uses

    Cream cheese with many uses

    A change on my rolls or bread is always wondered since I'm kinda set very traditional. But sometimes soft marmalade, cheese, salami and ham just yet other products - such as a cream cheese. In this case it was a product of the land of the Danes, whic

  • Nicki Funky Fish tape: o))

    Nicki Funky Fish tape: o))

    Hello everyone !!! Yes, I buy diligently Müller products, because it's me could not care less what the Lord makes love Müller, the main thing is to taste the stuff. My son likes to eat the yoghurt corners and as these at Real were on offer again, I s

  • Good eyelash curler

    Good eyelash curler

    Let me tell you in this report of my eyelash curler branded Ebelin - I hope my experience can be of use to you if you are standing before a purchase decision. Anyway, I wish you much fun with my report :). Where In our town there are Ebelin only in t

  • This can Oma better

    This can Oma better

    Mashed potato is one of my standard inserts. Fix a puree of fresh potatoes is cooked. Maximum one needs 40 Min.zu preparation: I then peel a lot of potatoes, which depends on the number of persons. 20 min I let the potatoes as potatoes in the Rhinela

  • There is something special!

    There is something special!

    Today there is another Bahlsen factory outlet report again. But is not so bored with it, now times no Rittersport but Fioretto. *** FIORETTO MINI STRACCIATELLA *** I love Fioretto Marzipan, if the stuff were not so terribly expensive. Buy itself usua

  • Volume - disappointment

    Volume - disappointment

    Hello everyone !!! I once again tested a new shampoo. My hair is thick and though I have enough, even more than enough volume, but if a product enters the market, what is more volume promises that Nicki is always there. DM I discovered a small Probef