• Dusty


    Moin moin Kinners! * Thumb * After Ms. Popp's no longer wandering in our orbit veeeery long (but not due to my will !!!), leisure nu but again ran .. Unfortunately, I must apologize for the lack of seagull in advance - that lies in one of the still u

  • The better choice from the Ciggi program

    The better choice from the Ciggi program

    After the miserable failure of the previous device by hinge break just on a Sunday morning immediately replacement was needed. After a stroll through the open kiosks in the area with offers of cheap rickety pluggers I found a shop where I a nice old

  • Unbeatable price

    Unbeatable price

    Approximately in September last year, I have the "Smart 100" tariff to the then conditions on Amazon - 100 free text messages, 100 free minutes, 500MB - ordered, the contract is for 24 months and costs unbeatable 3.95 / month. The hammer is

  • The deliale sunscreen

    The deliale sunscreen

    Howdy from Vienna! When it comes to sun is not to be trifled with, and so I have a whole armada of remedies at home. But today is more for the cottage or at home lasting summer visitors since it only has a sun protection factor of 20 and is not neces

  • Optiwell - Optimal for breakfast!

    Optiwell - Optimal for breakfast!

    Today times appears a report about my breakfast yogurt: == == Optiwell Skimmed milk yoghurt 0.1% fat I bought the yogurt at Kaufland. Price: I paid for 500 grams, 0.89 € Packing: Packaged the Yogurt in a cup made of plastic, sealed with an aluminum l

  • A motley crew

    A motley crew

    I have recently re-Imadoki! perused. And because me even today attracts these short manga series still immediately under its spell, I will not let me take you to report a little. We continue with tape. 2 About the Manga Imadoki! Is a 5-part series by

  • For me figs and roses oil heck rain ...

    For me figs and roses oil heck rain ...

    Halo dear readers, I now report to you about my experiences with the shower, the shower cream "fig & rose petals oil" INTRODUCTION: I like the products of shower like that very much and try every now and then new varieties, in my shower

  • Betöhrt not only the senses!

    Betöhrt not only the senses!

    oOo love readers oOo Today I want to introduce one of my current favorite cream soaps you like, namely the Fa NutriSkin Cremeseife "Acai", which I took me some time ago for the umpteenth time in a real tour. Whether they served their purpos

  • Revolt (c) on PC

    Revolt (c) on PC

    About the story: Lately I was more on the laptop than on your desktop computer. This took my little man as an opportunity to me constantly to steal the keyboard for his second workstation. Since I more frequently sit at my actual PC now, had to play

  • No more scraping ice

    No more scraping ice

    The problem All Lantern Parker know the annoying problem zugefrorener slices in winter. Some see the Kratzerei perhaps as a sporting challenge, but at some point you have the fax thick and looks around for a solution. In the car accessory dealers, th

  • If the masseuse times has holiday

    If the masseuse times has holiday

    At the age slow start ailments, and hardly anyone has any problems with his back. And then you would often next to the hot bath and even a massage. And as is often the case in order to obtain this, one needs not only a recipe, what a zeitraubendem do

  • Not long held ........

    Not long held ........

    You actually behaves like any compact camera: in good light it makes quite decent pictures. In bad light is caught quickly to noise. The Lumix ZX-1 that I have my daughter for Christmas makes my opinion a little better colors that they seem to produc

  • * + * + * We slide on the tracks * + * + *

    * + * + * We slide on the tracks * + * + *

    Today I want to introduce you to a puzzle of my son Parts: 32 Age: 4+ Title: Wilson at the station Manufacturer: Ravensburger Manufacturer Part Number: 063 307 Place of purchase and --grund: I bought the puzzle in Toys'R'us. The reason for this is ac

  • Back to the roots: Clear message for a new generation

    Back to the roots: Clear message for a new generation

    The prequel to Star Trek saga tells how the crew of the classic series to each other and took their first acid test existed. The Romulan Nero wants revenge for his destroyed home planet and first destroys Spock's Vulcan home and then ... yes, but onl

  • Juicy new species

    Juicy new species

    Hello everybody! I am a big sweet tooth and nibble like. My kids asked me many times: "When you bring finally the juice Haribo Gold berries?" Well, at some point I had managed to buy time and my experiences to I write now on. Let's go. Pack

  • Otherworldly Suicide Roadmovie

    Otherworldly Suicide Roadmovie

    ++++++++ + Story + ++++++++ Zia (Patrick Fugit) can not cope with the separation from his girlfriend Desiree (Leslie Bibb) and intersects ado wrists. However, the death is not the expected end for the young and desperate man, but he finds himself aft

  • Nirwana Noir - Dark chocolate truffles for connoisseurs

    Nirwana Noir - Dark chocolate truffles for connoisseurs

    "Nirwana Noir" is a chocolate company Rapunzel and is referred to by this as "the jewel in our Bitter Chocolate Assortment". It is not only "organic" fair trade (proprietary hand-in-hand seal), but also vegan and still s

  • I do not like ironing

    I do not like ironing

    <B> <u> to review Iron Rowenta LA 5200 </ b> </ u> <B> <u> Introduction </ b> </ u> Ok, I admit it, I am a bow muffle. When I think of the tablecloth and shirts, I will always be very different. Then ev

  • Fine mess hands

    Fine mess hands

    After I've had good experiences with the Urea Lotion Balea (except for the smell), I was on my last DM-shopping decided that I want to try the right hand cream also. Simply called Balea Urea hand cream and costs 1.75 euros. Drin are 100ml. For a prod

  • Here comes DORA

    Here comes DORA

    Hello dear readers! Want you now report on Marcels Sandwichtoaster Dora. For this toaster Marcel begged time for days, Well and as I usually hardly anything can knock my children, but he got it after several NO, after all. Now Marcel has a sandwich m