• Recommend Werted Shampoo

    Recommend Werted Shampoo

    I came across some time ago to the term keratin and got some positive feedback. By chance I saw this Keratin Shampoo in Rossmann and bought the shampoo and conditioner for 0.99 ct. In the shampoo bottle 400 ml contained. What's keratin and what cause

  • Vampire-WG - FFF # 16

    Vampire-WG - FFF # 16

    Fantasy Filmfest # 16. Theatrical Release Date: October 30, 2014th One of this year's Fantasy Filmfest Pops was next to "Go Goa Gone" definitely "What we do in the Shadows", the far less embarrassing title of New Zealand's vampire

  • For my hair only consist lemon verbena Part 3

    For my hair only consist lemon verbena Part 3

    "Lemon Verbena Shampoo" / AGRARIA 8,45oz / 24, - $ (250ml / 18, - Euro) AGRARIA, a resident of San Francisco brand for beautifully scented bath products and potpourris in many wonderful fragrance lines also provides for various hotel chains

  • Upgrading Old Laptop Acer TravelMate 662LCI with RAM

    Upgrading Old Laptop Acer TravelMate 662LCI with RAM

    What I have 1GB SO-DIMM DDR RAM 400Mhz modules from Conrad electronics v erwendet? That's the first question I will answer you. And before I describe the technical Merkmalw this memory, which are prerequisites for any application in the Acer TravelMa

  • Supplement to "No one is rich into a day !!"

    Supplement to "No one is rich into a day !!"

    Yes, you could say that you are right. but I'm not German, so I find myself not so easy the necessary words. have a traveler reviews found that you can explain viiiiele namely from ladychrisu. was written in 2005, today the data is still aktuel (97%)

  • -Strahlend Clean shampoo

    -Strahlend Clean shampoo

    Dear Readers, now followed by a report to a shampoo from Herbal Essences ----- ----- Spotless Purchase price and place of purchase: The shampoo from Herbal Essences I bought in DM. As far as I can commemorated me, the price was 1.95 euros. The manufa

  • Solid everyday Foundation.

    Solid everyday Foundation.

    Manhattan Easy Match Make Up - 30 Soft Porcelain I must admit that I bought this foundation only to support a cosmetic company from the drugstore segment, which offers a really bright shade. Then I have to me afterwards not blame if the shade is deli

  • So smooth my skin has never been !!!!!

    So smooth my skin has never been !!!!!

    In almost all women's magazines there are a lot of advertising. Every other page is full of them. Normally, I look it to me briefly and leaves just continue. The new skin-oil advertising but I am stopped, I do not know if it was because of the appear

  • Zumba!


    As I came to the product I had already reported on the second part of Zumba Fitness for Wii. Some time ago I have still the first part of the game on eBay bought for 15 €, the hip belt I still had. New with belt costs the game at Amazon.de € 65.00. T

  • € 13 is not worth it to me!

    € 13 is not worth it to me!

    Dear Readers! The online pharmacy "medpex" brings out every three months the "Wohlfühlbox". For 7.50 € you get a box filled with cosmetics and healthcare products. Although one does not know before what is included, but the price

  • Verschlimmbesserung.


    Actually, I've never had any problems with healthy and strong hair aussehendem. After all, I had it only once every two months once dyed black and cut regularly. How but in women is to show drastic change in life and always check with the hairstyle.

  • Pustet dry my hair :)

    Pustet dry my hair :)

    Foreword ******** Hello dear readers, this hair dryer from Remington I bought a few months ago and would like to present this. At that time I got myself this hair dryer because of its price and its design. Also I liked very much that I have a choice

  • Including long freshness :)

    Including long freshness :)

    (¯` •. • ') Preface (¯` •. •'¯) Hello dear readers, this shower gel I bought in December sometime. The purchase reason was simple, because I liked the combination Cranberry and white tea very. Moreover Isana products are in my eyes relatively cheap,

  • Jamm Jamm baked apple jam to Wiehnachtszeit

    Jamm Jamm baked apple jam to Wiehnachtszeit

    Already last year I became a "junkie" in this jam of Zentis. Although I am usually rather to sour flavors. But Bratapfel .. always iso from early November are the glasses as a "Special Christmas Edition" at the grocery store. And

  • Fragrance confusion .....

    Fragrance confusion .....

    Hello everyone !!! Trallalalalaaaaaa, there was a second new detergent at Rossmann and so I now have two bottle at the sink are :-)) After all, had to be tested and I could nciht decide which starts came halt both to use both varieties. The price For

  • Listening instead of reading

    Listening instead of reading

    To report I will build the report different from usual, instead of a summary I present the main characters and their contribution to the history and Complete represent the whole with abundant quotations because photos of a download audio book make an

  • A good umbrella, very flexible

    A good umbrella, very flexible

    I bought this screen 4 weeks ago. Previously I had a parasol from the hardware store, who was out for a season. This sunshade Schneider is the hammer. It is easy to open via a crank, looks really top notch and is especially very stable. A little wind

  • A great alternative to a conventional fryer

    A great alternative to a conventional fryer

    The Phillips Airfryer is a small all-rounder, where you can cook anything you else has cooked in the fryer and so much more !!! My family, my friends and I are very excited about the small all-rounder. Not only that one low fat "fried" and

  • Test of Phillips Aqua Touch AT750

    Test of Phillips Aqua Touch AT750

    As part of a research project of trnd I could test this shaver. So far my "shaving experience" limited only to my razor, I'm actually shave an enemy from dry. But the Phillips Aqua Touch AT750 convinced me - both as dry and as a wet razor.

  • Themselves and others better understand

    Themselves and others better understand

    The book I have already several years ######################################## I bought it to me then in derm sell the public library of my city. I paid 5 euros for the book. I find the price ok The cover / the cover #################################